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Give thanks for your local New Age Retro Hippie today

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this game basically

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After trudging though the thick darkness of life with only an iPhone to guide me I finally got a new laptop !!! :D :D

I’ll start making gifs as soon as I’ve downloaded all the programs I need to play mother 3 and make gifs and edit the gifs ..

thinking i’ll get a new theme to transition into mother 3 mode

thank you my little ranboobs for bearing with me :)

in the meantime hang out with me here



Idk when i’ll be able to gif again because my laptop just died and I lost my gif program and all my game files and im just really sad rn

I’ll def gif again when i get a new one! I think i’ll just start gifing mother 3 and i’ll also make some earthbound dialogue gifs from the gifs i’ve already made 🐛

yaaaaaas mom

managed to get some older gifs that wouldn’t upload before to work now. some magicant coming your way ~

Are you epileptic and can’t have gifs on your dash?


There’s are several ways to turn off all gifs on your dashboard.

  1. If you have XKit, you can download the “Disable Gifs” extension.
  2. If you want to (permanently) disable any gifs on the web, follow this handy guide (works for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera).
  3. There is a Chrome extension that pauses all gifs until you click to start them.

Know more / other ways? Please share!

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